After an exceptional year 2022, marked by his victories in Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the Vuelta and above all a world title, Remco Evenepoel wants to take you on a tour of his training routes, together with some of his Soudal Quickstep teammates.

The first edition of the R.EV Ride will start and finish in Schepdaal, Remco’s hometown, on Saturday 1 July. The menu will feature 5 different routes: 30km (family ride), 85km, 130km and 160km through Pajottenland and the Flemish Ardennes. Remco is eager to take you in tow along his favourite addresses, hills and routes where he laid the foundations for his success today.

And there is more! After your tour, you can also meet Remco and his teammates in the cosy après-bike zone in Schepdaal’s market square. There will be plenty of entertainment for the little ones, so that young and old can get their cycling hearts racing on 1 July.

You will be able to find further details about the rest of the programme here soon.



Remco Evenepoel

Remco’s journey has been highly unusual: Before making the leap to cycling, he was a footballer, and a very good and promising one at that. But something changed in the spring of 2017, when he went for a training ride, which was soon followed by his very first race. From then on, he won everything he was able to win at his level in a year and a half: World, European and national Championships, but also a large number of stage races and even one-day races.

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Since 2019, the “Aero bullet” has had a slew of performances:

  • Youngest winner ever of a World Tour race (Clásica San Sebastian 2019)
  • 40 UCI professional victories
  • 13 victories in multi-day competitions

Biggest victories:

  • 13/06/19 : Baloise Belgium Tour – Stage 2 (First professional win)
  • 16/06/19 : Baloise Belgium Tour (first overall victory in a stage race)
  • 03/08/19 : Clásica San Sebastian
  • 08/08/19: European time trial champion
  • 25/08/19: 2nd place time trial world championships
  • 2020: Overall winner:
    • Tour of San Juan
    • Tour of the Algarve
    • Tour of Burgos
    • Tour of Poland
  • 2021: Overall winner:
    • Baloise Belgium Tour
    • Tour of Denmark
  • 26/08/21: Druivenkoers Overijse
  • 28/08/21: Brussels Cycling Classic
  • 24/04/22: Liège-Bastogne-Liège
  • 23/06/22: Belgian Champion time trial
  • 11/09/22: La Vuelta (First Belgian to win major competition since 1978)
  • 25/09/22: Road World Champion (10 years after Philippe Gilbert in 2012)
  • 23/04/23: Liège-Bastogne-Liège
  • 25/06/23: Road Belgian Champion



Sportograf.com is the official photo service of R.EV. Ride. With their years of experience as a photographer, but also as an athlete, they always provide the perfect action photos to portray your top performance.


  • 07.30: eerste vertrek 
  • 10.00: start van de Family Ride 
  • 11.00: opening van het dorp Après-bike en Kids Village
  • 14.00: aankomst van Remco in het Kids Village
  • 15.30: signeersessie
  • 16.00: prijsuitreiking
  • 16.30: DJ tot 23u00 


From Schepdaal, Remco’s hometown, you get a unique insight into the first routes Remco rode. In the first metres, you pass café “In De Rustberg”, home of one of his many fan clubs.

The route then passes through Brussels and along the edge of the RSCA Adademy, where Remco’s career as a footballer began.

We then return to Neerpede to discover the Pajottenland, Flemish Ardennes and “Pays des Collines”.

A true Belgian route, taking in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, just like Remco!

“We are incredibly proud and excited to welcome our World Champion Remco Evenepoel to the R.EV Ride. This event is an amazing opportunity for cycling enthusiasts to share their passion and ride through the beautiful hills of Pajottenland with Remco. We hope that this event will contribute to promoting cycling as a healthy and fun activity for young and old in our community.”

You will find more details about the course here soon.


The 30km route is an activity for young and old. A family outing allowing you to explore the region of Schepdaal and its surroundings. Along the route, you will pass the “Krijmerie van Gaasbeek”, the ideal spot for a short break and a nice ice cream.


The 85km route continues the exploration of Pajottenland, taking in the municipalities Pepingen, Herne, Galmaarden, Gooik and Lennik before returning to Dilbeek. The trip also features a climb of the Congoberg, one of the best known hills in the area. There is a supply post at the midpoint offering biscuits, energy bars and fruit.


The 130km route, intended for experienced athletes, takes you to the Flemish Ardennes and “Pays des Collines”. The famous duo of the Muur van Geraardsbergen and Bosberg are also included in this route. This route has two supply points.


The 160km route is ideal for people looking for a real sports challenge. The course dives deeper into the Flemish Ardennes and adds a couple of extra minor climbs such as the Kanarieberg, Leberg and Berendries. There are three supply points for this distance.

85 km






130 km


Bois de la Houppe

Muur van Geraardsbergen







160 km



Bois de la Houppe







Muur van Geraardsbergen








Chosen your course? Great! Please see the R.EV RIDE rates below.


30 km   

85 km    

130 km

160 km

Voordeeltarief (t.e.m. 20/06/2023)

€ 10

€ 17

€ 20

€ 22

Standaardtarief (na 20/06/2023)

€ 13

€ 20

€ 23

€ 25

Free for children under 12 years.
Online registration is still required for insurance.

It pays to sign up early!

Jump in with the early flight and register before 20/06/2023, that way you will be in the breakaway and enjoy an advantageous rate.
Cycling Vlaanderen/FCWB members always get the early-bird rate.

Do you prefer to register on site?

You can, then you will get your frame plate Immediately after paying. The registration stand in Schepdaal is open on Saturday 1 July 2023:

  • 155 km: 7:30-9am
  • 125 km: 7:30-10am
  • 85 km: 7:30-11am
  • 30km: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Group registrations (Until 11:59pm on Tuesday 20 June)

Would you like to take the challenge together with colleagues and friends? Then, you can register as a group until Tuesday 20 June.

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Practical info

The organisation will provide sufficient car parking spaces close to the start and finish, this way you car park your car safely.

  • Parking 1: Kappelleveld 9, 1703 Dilbeek
  • Parking 2: Herdebeekstraat 40, 1703 Dilbeek
  • Parking 3: Herdebeekstraat 3, 1703 Dilbeek

Start location
1703 Dilbeek

Start times

  • 155 km: 7:30-9am
  • 125 km: 7:30-10am
  • 85 km: 7:30-11am
  • 30km: 10:00am – 1:00pm

The finish will officially close at 6pm.

  • Extensive supplies at every checkpoint
  • Free coffee at the start
  • Frame plate to attach to your bike
  • Technical & breakdown assistance
  • Medical assistance at each supply point and at the start/finish
  • Frame sticker showing the hills and supply points
  • Insurance (no helmet = no insurance)
  • Signallers along the course and at the start/finish
  • Signposted course with perfect signs
  • Secure bike park
  • Changing rooms & showers
  • A cosy après-bike after the finish

Scan & ride

Register online and receive your ticket by email. This allows you to immediately collect your frame plate on site upon presentation of your ticket at the Scan & Ride counters and you won’t even have to get off your bike!

Day registration

Do you prefer to register on site? Then be sure to place your bike in the secure bike park!

The registration desk will be open on Saturday 10 June 2023:

  • 155 km: 7:30-9am
  • 125 km: 7:30-10am
  • 85 km: 7:30-11am
  • 30km: 10:00am – 1:00pm

During your ride, enjoy extensive supplies of sports nutrition and drinks, water and a wide range of biscuits and fruit.

  • 30 km: starting pack
  • 85 km: 1 supply point
  • 130 km: 2 supply points
  • 160 km: 3 supply points

*Supplies only on presentation of the frame plate!

Finish location

1703 Dilbeek

The last supply point closes at 3pm. If you arrive here later, you are no longer an official participant and are obliged to take the shortest route to the finish. The finish will officially close at 6pm.

Changing rooms and showers

Changing rooms and showers will be provided.

Breakdown on your route?

Technical assistance is provided at the start and at supply points. Can’t make it there? Then call the emergency number on the back of your frame plate to make use of our mobile breakdown service.

Medical assistance is available at the start and at the supply points. In case of urgent medical assistance, you should of course call the emergency number 112.


Yes, you can do so on your own initiative. Please contact info@peloton.be by 26 April 2023 at the latest.

If you want to switch to a shorter distance please contact info@peloton.be no later than 20 June 2023. If you want to switch to a longer distance then we will be happy to help you on site at the info desk. You will be able to pay the difference on the spot.

De GPX bestanden kan je enkele dagen voor het evenement downloaden via onze website. Nog even geduld!

Enkele minuten na je inschrijving, ontvang van ons (afzender: info@peloton.be) een e-ticket waarmee je op de dag van het evenement aan de Scan-and-Ride balies je kaderplaatje kan ophalen. Niets ontvangen? Check zeker even je SPAM-folder. Vind je jouw bevestigingsmail met e-ticket ook daar niet terug, stuur een mail naarinfo@peloton.be


The organiser advises everyone to avoid strenuous efforts for which they are not physically prepared. Make sensible choices regarding the distance you want to cover and/or the pace you want to set for your body.

If you want to perform sports at a high intensity, it is best to have yourself checked annually by a (sports) doctor. It is not compulsory to submit a medical certificate.

It is up to the athlete to decide how to deal with the information provided during a medical check-up. The organiser bears no responsibility in this respect.

If you feel sick, have to cough, sneeze or have a fever, we advise you to stay at home and not to come to the event in view of the current health situation.

Respect highway code and cycle cleanly

The organisation and police will ensure that the highway code is respected. Violations will be sanctioned. So as not to jeopardise the event’s continued existence, we request that you respect the traffic regulations, not to leave any rubbish behind and not to urinate in public. We count on the good sportsmanship of all participants.